Can a Board suspend a unit owner’s voting rights because the unit owner is late in paying assessments?

The unit owner who is delinquent in paying his assessments can lose several rights. One of them is the right to vote. He can also lose the right to be in the pool, can lose the right to be in the clubhouse, and can use the right to use many of the recreational facilities.

Can the association charge me $100 to lease a unit?

When you apply to lease a unit, there are expenses that your association will bear, such as background checks. The association does have the right under Florida statutes and usually under the association’s documents to charge you a fee.

Can there be any restrictions in Florida on an owner’s right to rent his/her home?

When you live in a community association, there are many rules that you must follow. Some of them involve the renting of homes. Many times, there are rules on how many times a year you can rent, or there can be rules on how long you must wait to rent your property. It’s important to...