Palm Beach County Real Estate Law Attorney

Attorney Carole Aronson has been practicing law for over 30 years, with a focus on Real Estate and Civil Practice. She represents clients in both Residential and Commercial Real Estate transactions, and deals with all legal matters pertaining to Real Estate.

Attorney Carole Aronson’s boutique practice allows her to provide personal service to every client, paying close attention to any potential concerns. Her practice is client-focused, and every solution is customized for the special circumstances of the client.

Residential Real Estate

Many Florida homeowners are from out of state and unfamiliar with local laws and practices.  Protecting your rights is essential when buying or selling real property.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, Palm Beach County Attorney Carole Aronson can help you in drafting and negotiating contracts. She can help to make sure that you understand your rights under the contract and, if you are buying real property, your mortgage.  A broker is no substitute for an experienced advocate by your side.  Attorney Carole Aronson will be your advocate and your voice in a real estate transaction.

You may wonder if you need a lawyer to buy and sell a home; you do! When you retain an attorney at the beginning of the real estate process you will save time and trouble later. Real Estate Law Attorney Carole Aronson will answer questions about the process before you buy  or sell the house, and assist with post-closing problems that sometimes arise afterwards. She will provide you with personalized representation, answering any questions you have, and will even help you if your contract is already signed to make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities.

Commercial Real Estate

The purchase or sale of commercial property must be handled by an experienced attorney.  Attorney Carole Aronson has successfully represented buyers and sellers for many commercial projects, including office buildings, gas stations, shopping centers, restaurants and funeral homes. She brings the same personalized service to business transactions as she does to individual ones, developing a customized plan and drafting contracts to fit each circumstance.

When you are buying or selling commercial real estate, you may be dealing with other issues such as leases, licensing and zoning. Attorney Carole Aronson has many years of experience handling these matters for her clients, and will successfully guide you through your real estate transaction.

Title Insurance

Attorney Carole Aronson is an agent of Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and Chicago Title Insurance Company.  She provides title insurance for all real estate transactions for residential and commercial properties. She is also an approved attorney with many lenders, and provides title insurance coverage for refinances as well.  Title insurance costs no more with an attorney than with a non-attorney title agent– why not use an experienced attorney, and benefit from her years of expertise?