Palm Beach County Business Law Attorney

In her 3 decades of Civil Practice, Attorney Carole Aronson has represented many clients with a variety of Business Law issues. Her  smaller practice provides each client with one-on-one attention, and she listens carefully to any problems or concerns.

Attorney Carole Aronson has represented many clients in business negotiations and business disputes, and takes steps to work as quickly and efficiently as possible for you.  When it comes to potential disputes, asking for help sooner can help mitigate damages. Business Law Attorney Carole Aronson can assist you through every stage of a transaction, including preparing and negotiating the original contract, due diligence and closing.

Business Sales and Purchases

Attorney Carole Aronson has negotiated and closed many business purchases and sales.  In these transactions the details are important, and the due diligence requires care and effort. Lenders have many onerous requirements and demand voluminous documents.   Attorney Carole Aronson will assist you in these transactions so your sale and financing can go as smoothly as possible.

Litigation is a last resort, but if you must resort to litigation, Attorney Carole Aronson can present your case in a courtroom, fighting vigorously where necessary. Attorney Carole Aronson has represented many business litigants in Palm Beach County courts over the course of her career, with very favorable results.